Brian Holden
[ printmaker and visual artist ]

Rossport Shoreline

Welcome to the web site of Brian Holden, printmaker, visual artist and arts educator.

Upcoming exhibitions:

Water Mark

A trio venture that explores the idea of fresh water in the environment using various hand printing disciplines. Featuring works on paper by Gerard Brender à Brandis, Lucinda Jones and Brian Holden.
Opens Sunday Jan. 17 (2 - 4 pm) and runs until April 4, 2010.
Gallery Stratford, 54 Romeo St. Stratford Ontario. Phone 519.271.5271


A solo exhibition of hand printed images that examines habitats and landscapes found in Northwestern Ontario.
Opens Sat. June 5 (noon - 3 pm) and runs until June 26, 2010.
Atikokan Pictograph Gallery, Voyageur Mall, Lower Level, 115 Main Street, Atikokan Ontario.
Phone 807.597.4344

For an understanding of the creative process, and images of works in progress, visit my blog at My Printmaking Journey.You can also view more of my earlier work at my archive website.

Artist Statement

My perception of the physical world and the emotional response that is generated is the sole basis of what compels me to explore the relationship between two factors. I see and I react, a simple truth that is relayed back as an interpretation emerging from my mind and that is expressed by using my hands to draw, paint or carve into a surface. Observation of the delicate interplay between structure, form, texture, colour plus light and shadow offer the challenge of interpretation using my intuitive and developed artistic skills.

To visit the Gallery pages, click the "GALLERIES" link. Prints are available for purchase on the "PURCHASE" pages.

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